When did you start considering changes in your IT field?

Two years ago we had to deal with a server crisis – lightening caused the overload of our electrical circuit, which resulted in the failure of out IT system. This came as a true shock, leaving us in an extremely uncomfortable state of uncertainty. Up until that moment we thought that our safety backup was in order. Boy, were we wrong!

Our company generates annual turnover of around 3 million euros and we have a business history of over 20 years. All the information regarding our clients, purchase and selling prices, business history, supply logs, claim logs and alike – in the split of a second it was all lost.

This uncertainty extended over two weeks. In this period all our efforts went towards solving this situation. Eventually, we managed to restore our system. However, my father and I decided to eliminate any risk of this happening again.

How did you take on the project of complete IT renovation?

For me the answer was clear – we needed to rent a cloud IT service! The tricky part was explaining the entire cloud concept to my father. Slowly I managed to show him that we encounter cloud computing on a daily basis. In fact, Gmail, Facebook, e-taxes and e-bank are basically cloud applications.

Why did you decide precisely on Flip IT?

We decided to meet with all cloud service providers at their locations. We wanted to make sure we knew exactly what it meant for us to have our own server and what it was like to rent cloud space. After a thorough analysis and several meetings we chose the best cloud service – Flip IT.

In your opinion, what are the most important advantages of the Flip IT service?

The greatest advantage for me is mobility. I can safely access my desktop from anywhere in the world, and quickly get hold of all our data, files, SAOP. Now we have the newest technology – telephony, printers, unified terminals and monitors, which also contribute to a neat and wholesome image of our company. This system is eco-friendly because of lower energy consumption. At this point we never have to wonder whether our server is of the right capacity, size and power. All these worries we leave to Flip IT.

Even my father, the founder and director of the company, is excited about this solution, mostly because there is no need to worry about data security. The possibility of predicting and planning our IT expenses is an advantage as well.

How are you satisfied with your Flip IT service provider?

Three years ago we were very dissatisfied with the cost and response time of our service and maintenance team. Now all I need to do is place a call to Flip IT Helpdesk, where highly trained experts solve all problems on my desktop in a matter of minutes.

Flip IT is an affordable and an overall better choice – hats off to them!

We have been working together with Flip IT for over 3 years now and are very satisfied with their service. We wouldn’t consider changing providers at all.