Over the past 2 days we successfully ran the Flip IT VAR technical training pilot with Hollinbay. Hollinbay signed up as a FlipIT Partner beginning November after spotting the offering on StreamOne. They are based in Leeds and have an end customer base of around 500 SMB customers in UK across multiple industries.


Hollinbay sent 2 field engineers to our technical training to further evaluate the service and qualify the relevancy for their existing customer base. We received great feedback on the training delivery and content. The 2-day duration was a perfect amount of time for the much needed hands on experience. Post training, the Hollinbay engineers felt they had gained enough knowledge of the service to work with their customers – with some initial support from the Flip IT team.

This is what one of the engineers had to say after completing the training:

Flip IT has all the benefits of having a cloud based Virtual Desktop environment on enterprise hardware, without the problems associated with buying your own HW and all the configuration etc. It’s a really great service! We just need to make sure our sales teams can position it correctly.

We will continue to provide similar training events for Flip IT VARs in the UK.

Flip IT at a glance – a white label document for resellers.