Stop worrying about IT

Provide your customers with peace of mind – offer them a fully managed ICT solution.

Keep up with technology

Provisioning (new equipment, replacements, reconfigurations, SW and HW updates, restructuring, new product introduction) becomes significantly faster.

Time to Innovate

Up to 80% of all IT costs comprise of routine maintenance and day-to-day operations. Using a managed solution gives your IT department more time to innovate.


Access your office from any location. Avoid migration costs.

What our partners are saying

Before coming across Flip IT, we didn’t believe a cloud-based solution could fit into our environment. However, the technical performance, security features, scalability and flexibility of the solution, and a clear business case on top of all, convinced us that Flip IT is the solution we will rely upon in the future.

Dr. Yousif Janahi

Deputy General Manager IT, Bank Nizwa

A full financial ROI was done on the overall solution. We compared 200 Office in the Cloud units vs. 200 traditional PCs, and NIL/Vodacom came out tops, reducing our cost per month. The intangible operational cost benefits are also wide-ranging.

Gerhard Vermeulen

IT Manager, Fidelity Security Services

By integrating Flip IT into our portfolio, we brought to market the first high-end managed virtual workspace solution in the region, contributing significantly to our competitiveness – ODP is now a leader and opinion maker when it comes to the cloud. The solution’s immediate success in the highly demanding area of banking clearly demonstrates the advantages that Flip IT and the cloud bring to this type of business.

Maqboul Alwahaiby

Vice President, Oman Data Park

Imagine a company where all the hardware and software just works.

Now imagine this is your company.

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