When did you start considering changes in your IT field?

Very early on we realized that a capable, reliable and secure IT system can represent a competitive advantage, enabling a quicker service rendering and improved flexibility. Another important aspect is data security. Our clients place their trust in us and a secure IT system is the foundation of this trust. It was this line of thinking that triggered the upgrading of our IT environment.

How did you take on the project of complete IT renovation?

We knew what we wanted to achieve and what kind of IT service we needed. Clearly, we lacked the needed sources and the know-how in order to perform this change. This called for an IT-as-a-Service option. As a result, we reached out to various cloud service providers. After comparing all possibilities, we decided on the Flip IT solution.

Why did you decide precisely on Flip IT?

Because they are driven by the same philosophy as we are. They have developed an excellent solution and they wish to remain the leading provider in their field. They are top experts, who come with long term high references and also ensure complete support.

In your opinion, what are the most important advantages of the Flip IT service?

Mobility, security, quick response and, of course, uninterrupted work process.

How are you satisfied with your Flip IT service provider?

We are very satisfied with Flip IT and we consider them as part of our team. They proved to be reliable, as they quickly resolve any arising problems and are available to us 24/7.